Cyanochem focus on custom synthesis R&D and commercial manufacture of advanced raw materials & new drug APIs intermediates. In the past few years, our R&D is driven by our client’s requirements and our constant pursuit of technology and quality. Cyanochem aims to speed up our client’s projects with our professional knowledge, rich engineering experience, persistent innovation. We provide related technical documentation support and plant audit for all of our projects which make us win trust and closer cooperation with our partners.

Flowchart of Project operation:

Cyanochem typical projects for custom synthesis are those with a reasonably well defined synthetic route that require quantities in the range of grams to kilograms. These projects often support drug discovery or early development efforts. We are familiar with the fast pace required for these types of projects.

For a large number of our projects, or for more speculative research projects which may span a longer term, Cyanochem also provides time and materials or FTE type of contracts. This type of contract is the main focus of our activity. A time and materials type of contract allows the client to investigate a new or speculative idea, without the burden of a long term FTE commitment.

The process research team works closely with the analytical team to integrate the chemistry and analytical controls into the process at an early stage of the development cycle.

Cyanochem Synthetic Technology:

  • Cyanation
  • High Temperature Reaction (up to 250℃)
  • Low Temperature Reaction (down to -100℃)
  • Hydrogenation
  • Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Friedel-Crafts Reaction
  • Optical Resolution
  • General Organic Synthesis

Our sites in pictures:

SITE I: Youtong village, Luancheng District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei

SITE II: wenshui ETDZ, Lvliang, Shanxi

Intellectual Property:

We protect our client’s intellectual property with confidentiality procedures and contractual provisions. All of our employees are required to execute confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements with us. For our project, only the personnel associated with the project have access to the related intellectual property. Acquirement to proprietary data is limited to authorized personnel to prevent unintended disclosure or otherwise using our intellectual property without proper authorization.


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